OceanBase 软件试用许可协议

(OceanBase Software License Agreement)


本协议是由北京奥星贝斯科技有限公司(以下简称本公司)和您就使用 OceanBase 软件(以下简称“OceanBase 软件”)在杭州市西湖区签订的有效协议。

This agreement is an efficient agreement made between Beijing OceanBase Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") and you in Xihu District, Hangzhou for the use of OceanBase software (hereinafter referred to as "OceanBase software").

一、声明与承诺(Representations and Covenants)
1.1 在接受本协议之前,请您仔细阅读本协议的全部内容(特别是以粗体标注的内容)。如果您不同意本协议的任意内容,或者无法准确理解本公司对条款的解释,请不要进行后续操作。如果您对本协议的条款有疑问,请通过本公司客服渠道进行询问(客服电话为95188),本公司将向您解释条款内容。

1.1 Please read all contents of this Agreement (especially the content highlighted in bold) carefully before accepting this Agreement. If you are not willing to be bound by any content of this Agreement, or cannot accurately understand the Company’s interpretation of the terms, do not carry out subsequent operations. If you have any questions concerning the terms of this Agreement, please contact the Company via its customer service channel (customer service telephone: 95188), and then the Company will explain the terms to you.

1.2 如本公司需要对本协议进行变更或修改的,本公司会通过本公司网站 https://www.oceanbase.com/ 网站公告的方式提前予以公布;若您在本协议内容公告变更后继续使用 OceanBase 软件的,表示您已充分阅读、理解并接受变更后的协议内容,也将遵循变更后的协议内容。

1.2 The Company may make announcements on https://www.oceanbase.com in advance in case that modification or amendment is necessary to this Agreement; by continuing using the OceanBase software after the announcement about the Agreement modification is made, you shall acknowledge that you have fully read, understood and accepted, and agreed to be bound by the modified Agreement.



2.1、本公司向您提供的为针对 OceanBase 软件的非独占、不可转让、不可再许可、不可分许可且可撤销的授权。

2.1 The Company grants you a nonexclusive, nontransferable, and revocable license without re-license or sub-license specific to OceanBase software.


2.2 本公司特别提请您注意:为了保障公司业务发展和调整的自主权,本公司拥有随时自行修改或中断或终止软件授权而不需通知您的权利,如有必要,修改或中断、终止会以公告形式公布于本公司网站上。

2.2 The Company especially reminds you that, in order to ensure the Company's autonomy to develop and adjust business, the Company has the right to modify or suspend or terminate software license at any time without informing you. If necessary, the modification, suspension or termination will be announced on the Company’s website in the form of announcements.



3.1 您确认,OceanBase 软件相关的一切版权、商标权、专利权、商业秘密等知识产权,以及与 OceanBase 软件相关的所有信息内容,包括但不限于:文字表述及其组合、图标、图饰、图表、色彩、界面设计、版面框架、有关数据、印刷材料、或电子文档等均受中华人民共和国著作权法、商标法、专利法、反不正当竞争法和相应的国际条约以及其他知识产权法律法规的保护,本公司或本公司的关联公司享有上述知识产权。

3.1 You confirm that all intellectual property rights related to OceanBase software like copyright, trademark right, patent right and trade secret, as well as all the information and contents related to OceanBase software, including but not limited to words and their combinations, icon, graphic decoration, chart, color, interface design, layout, frame, relevant data, printing material, or electronic document, shall be proected by the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of ChinaTrademark LawPatent LawAnti-Unfair Competition Law, relevant international treaties, and other intellectual property laws and regulations. The Company or its affiliates have the aforementioned intellectual property rights.


3.2 您承诺,您不得自行或使他人将 OceanBase 软件用于任何商业用途,不得为任何营利性或非营利性的目的自行实施、利用、转让或许可任何三方实施、利用、转让上述知识产权,本公司保留追究上述未经许可行为的权利。同时,您不得将 OceanBase 软件用于任何违法或非法用途,亦不得利用本软件从事对阿里巴巴集团及其关联公司以及蚂蚁金服集团及其关联公司不利的行为。

3.2 You promise that you may not use or make others use OceanBase software for any commercial purposes, may not implement, use or assign, or license any third party to implement, use or assign the aforementioned intellectual property rights for any for-profit or nonprofit purposes. The Company reserves the right to investigate the above unlicensed behaviors. At the same time, you may not use OceanBase software for any unlawful or illegal purposes, and shall not use the software for behaviors that may adversely affect Alibaba Group and its affiliates, and Ant Financial Group and its affiliates.


3.3 除非法律允许或本公司书面许可,否则您不得从事下列行为:

3.3 Unless otherwise permitted by laws, or without the Company’s written permission, you may not engage in the following behaviors:
3.3.1 删除 OceanBase 软件及其副本上关于著作权的信息;对 OceanBase 软件进行反向工程、反向汇编、反向编译或者以其他方式尝试发现 OceanBase 软件的源代码;

3.3.1 Delete OceanBase and the information about copyright on its copies; reverse-engineer, decompile or disassemble OceanBase software , or attempt to find the source code of OceanBase software;


3.3.2 对本公司拥有知识产权或获得授权的内容进行使用、出租、出借、复制、修改、链接、转载、汇编、发表、出版、建立镜像站点等;

3.3.2 Use, lease, lend, copy, modify, link, reprint, compile, disclosure or publish the contents with intellectual property right or authorization owned by the Company, or establish mirror sites for such contents;


3.3.3 对 OceanBase 软件或者 OceanBase 软件运行过程中释放到任何终端内存中的数据、OceanBase 软件运行过程中客户端与服务器端的交互数据,以及 OceanBase 软件运行所必需的系统数据,进行复制、修改、增加、删除、挂接运行或创作任何衍生作品,形式包括但不限于使用插件、外挂或非经合法授权的第三方工具/服务接入 OceanBase 软件和相关系统;

3.3.3 Copy, modify, add or delete OceanBase software, the data released to any terminal memory in the running process of OceanBase software, the interactive data between the client and the server in the running process of OceanBase software, or the system data necessary for the running of OceanBase software, or conduct hooked running or create any derivative works based on OceanBase software or the above data, the form of which includes but not limited to using plug-ins, plugins or unlawfully-authorized third party tools/services to access OceanBase software and related systems;


3.3.4 修改或伪造 OceanBase 软件运行中的指令、数据,增加、删减、变动 OceanBase 软件的功能或运行效果,或者将用于上述用途的 OceanBase 软件、方法进行运营或向公众传播,无论上述行为是否为商业目的。

3.3.4 Modify or forge instructions and data in the running process of OceanBase software, increase, delete or change functions or running effects of OceanBase software, or operate or spread the OceanBase software or methods used for the above purposes, whether for commercial purposes or not.


四、违约责任(Liability for Breach of Contract)


The Company shall have the right to suspend or terminate the license at any time if you are in breach of this Agreement; you shall compensate the Company for the Company’s loss (including but not limited to any claims, demands or losses, administrative penalties, and reasonable attorney fees advocated by any third parties) incurred by you within five (5) business days after the Company gives a written notice.


五、隐私权保护(Privacy Protection)

The company attaches great importance to the protection of users' privacy. For the protection and specification of your identity data and other specific data pursuant to the “Ant Financial Privacy Policy(《蚂蚁金服隐私权政策》)”, please refer to the “Ant Financial Privacy Policy.

六、责任限制(Limitation of Liability)

6.1 本公司及关联公司对 OceanBase 软件不作任何类型的担保、保证,不论是明示的、默示的或法令的保证和条件,包括但不限于 OceanBase 软件的适销性、适用性、无病毒、无疏忽或无技术瑕疵问题、所有权和无侵权的明示或默示担保和条件,对在任何情况下因使用或不能使用 OceanBase 软件所产生的直接、间接、偶然、特殊及后续的损害及风险,OceanBase 软件及关联公司不承担任何责任。

6.1 The Company and its affiliates make no guarantee or warranty with respect to OceanBase software, whether express or implied or statutory guarantee and condition, including but not limited to marketability, applicability, no virus, no negligence or no technical flaws or problems, and express or implied guarantee and condition of ownership and no infringement. Besides, in no event shall the Company and its affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or risks.


6.2 在任何情况下,本公司对于与本协议有关或由本协议引起的任何间接的、惩罚性的、特殊的、派生的损失(包括业务损失、收益损失、利润损失、商誉损失、使用数据或其他经济利益的损失),不论是如何产生的,也不论是由对本协议的违约(包括违反保证)还是由侵权造成的,均不负有任何责任,即使事先已被告知此等损失的可能性。另外即使本协议规定的排他性救济没有达到其基本目的,也应排除本公司对上述损失的责任。

6.2 In no event shall the Company be liable for any indirect, punitive, special or derived losses (including loss of business, loss of profits, loss of revenues, loss of goodwill, and loss of service data or loss of other economic interests) relating to or arising out of this Agreement, no matter how they are generated, or whether they are caused by breach of this Agreement (including breach of warranty) or by infringement, even if the Company has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In addition, the Company’s liability for such losses should also be excluded even if exclusive relief set forth in this Agreement fails to meet the basic purpose.


6.3 在任何情况下,本公司对本协议所承担的违约赔偿责任总额不超过向您收取的当次服务费用总额(如有)。

6.3 In no event shall the Company’s entire liability under this Agreement exceed the total service fee (if any) charged by the Company from you.


七、协议的转让(Assignment of Agreement)


You agree that once upon releasing announcements on the Company’s website, the Company shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to assign the rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party without further notice to you.


八、无技术支持(No Technical Support 

除非您与本公司另行签订协议明确约定技术支持条款,本公司的技术支持部门不会为您提供技术指导、电话指导或 OceanBase 软件更新。

Unless the Company support for the OceanBase software, if any, is expressly included in a separate, current support agreement between You and the Company, the Company’s technical support organization will not provide technical support, phone support, or updates to You for the OceanBase software provided under this Agreement.


九、监管与终止(Audit & Termination

本公司将监管您对 OceanBase 软件的使用。您可以销毁所有 OceanBase 软件副本的形式终止本协议。如果您出现任何违反本协议的情形,本协议自动终止(无需另行通知),您应立即销毁 OceanBase 软件的所有副本。

The Company may audit Your use of the OceanBase software. You may terminate this Agreement by destroying all copies of the OceanBase software. This Agreement shall automatically terminate without notice if You fail to comply with any of the terms of this Agreement, in which case You shall promptly destroy all copies of the OceanBase software..


十、法律适用与管辖(Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction)

The laws of the People's Republic of China shall be applicable to the validity, interpretation, modification, implementation and dispute resolution of this Agreement. All disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China,and be subject to the jurisdicion of local people's court where this Agreement is signed.




In case of any conflict between the Chinese version and English version of this Agreement, the Chinese version shall have the final effect.